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We are a Malaysian based company committed to ensuring the sustainable production of high quality and in demand Durians from Malaysia for domestic and export consumption. We specialize in growing and marketing Musang King and other high value Durian varieties such as Black Thorn.

We believe that with rising demand comes great responsibility. A responsibility to protect our environment while we strive for business expansion and profitability.


The Palm Oil industry has destroyed Malaysia's natural ecosystems and we call on the Durian industry to learn from the past. We are doing our part and strive to bring Malaysian Durians to the world.

We are proud to be at the forefront of this growing industry and are ideally positioned to cater to the growing needs of China, Singapore, Hong Kong and the entire region.

More than 

500 Durian varieties

exist in Asia.

Musang King, Black Thorn and more!
Learn more about them here.

Meeting the worlds's growing demand for Malaysian durians such as Musang King, Tupai King and Black Thorn through sustainable plantation management.


We manage our own Durian projects and also provide Durian specific services to the community at large. This includes assisting clients who seek to improve their existing Durian operations, expand into Durian or learn more about the industry. 



Harvesting &


Research & Development




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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email to learn more or to book a tour.

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