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Demand for Durian has skyrocketed this decade as more and more international consumers have gotten familiar with what we regional call the "King of Fruits". Since 2010, Durian has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with imports rising 26% annually.

China's demand for Durian has been astronomical but demand is also being driven by consumers throughout all of Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Durian is now the new starlet of the food and beverage industry with manufactures and retailers driving unique product innovations and marketing within the sector. From Durian pastries to Durian pizzas, burgers and even steamboat. No other fruit in the world is as widely used.

Despite COVID 19, Durian exports in 2020 are up



The King of all Durians, is the Musang King Durian. It stands far above all other Durian varieties due to its superior, creamy and delicious bitter sweet flavor.

Demand for Musang King has been astronomical with prices surging to new highs almost yearly due to insufficient supply and production. According to estimates, more than 12.5 million trees are required to supply China alone. With only 500,000 trees in existence, more plantings are necessary and quickly.

Called “Gold” by the Agriculture Department, a hectare of Musang King yields nearly nine times more revenue than a hectare of palm plantations. Musang King is without question Malaysia’s future.

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We can only cater for 1% of China's population. They adore the fruit.

I want people to start thinking of the producers. One buys property or gold as an investment ... as prices of these assets will rise. It's the same with the Musang King. It's our prized asset

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Ahmad Shabery Cheek

(Former Malaysia’s Minister of Agriculture)


All of us are to blame for the poor current state of our Malaysian Durian industry. We have taken our Durian for granted for years without looking towards the future. Despite being home to the finest Durians in the world, our entire industry is decades behind leader Thailand. Thailand has controlled over 90% of exports for over 15 years. So far in 2020, it made over 600 million USD. Malaysia has  made less than 25 million USD.


A drastic supply imbalance exists within Malaysia because of poor business management, strategy and lack of resources. The result has been billions of revenue being lost every year.


Durian Projects is committed to changing this through sustainable focused professionally managed plantations. We aim to lead change within our industry and bring Malaysian Durians to the world. 

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Malaysia accounts for less than 5% of Durian exports.


Soaring global demand for Malaysian Durian has resulted in large amounts of forested land being cleared, both legally and illegally, to make way for new Durian plantations.

This damaging practice is threatening our environment already damaged by illegal logging and palm oil plantations.


Leading by example, Durian Projects is dedicated to building sustainable and environmentally friendly Durian plantations. We believe in limiting our environmental footprint and focus on reforesting existing plots of land and re-balancing the damage done from the destructive Palm Oil industry.

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